MadeGood – Organic Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars, 120g (24g x 5)

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(Code) : MGD21303
(Barcode) : 6 87456 213033

Weight per Case (kg): 1.30 kg
Ingredient: Oats*, agave nectar*, raisins*, brown rice syrup*, apples*, sunflower oil*, whole grain crisp brown rice*, agave inulin*, molasses*, cinnamon*, vegetable powder (spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets, shiitake mushrooms). *Organic.

Allergen: Cereals containing gluten.

Net weight 6 boxes / case

Energy : per serving 24 g: 90 kcal Protein : 1 g
Total Fat: 2 g Saturated Fat: 0.3 g
Trans Fat: 0 g Carbohydrates: 17 g
Sugar: 6 g (Fiber): 2 g
Sodium: 5 mg Net Content: 120 gm




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Weight 120 g


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