Familia Body Balance – Forest Berries Crunchy Muesli ( with Vitamins and Minerals)325gm

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Net weight 325g

Weight per Case (kg): 2.6o kg

Packing: 6 packs / case

Ingredient: Whole-grain oat flakes, soya wheat flakes (wheat, soya, raw sugar, fructose, table salt, barley malt), cornflakes (maize,sugar, table salt, barley malt, emulsifier [322]), sugar, cereal crispies (maize,
rice, raw sugar, wholemeal flour (wheat, rye, barley), barley malt, cocoa powder, table salt), sunflower
oil, coconut flakes, flour (wheat, rye), freeze-dried berry-granules 2% (sugar, glucose, blueberries,
raspberries, thickener [401], honey, skimmed milk powder, magnesium citrate, freeze-dried raspberries 1%, freeze-dried blackberries 1%, calcium citrate, vitamins (C, maltodextrin, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin D, B6, B2, B1, folic acid, biotin, B12), table salt, flavouring (vanillin). Cereals: 58%, of which whole-grain:59%

Allergen: This product contains Gluten (Oat, wheat, barley, rye), milk and soy.


Energy : per 100 g: 423 kcal Protein : 9 g
Total Fat : 13 g Saturated Fat : 5 g
Trans Fat: 0 g Carbohydrates : 64 g
Sugar: 22 g (Fiber): 8
Sodium: 273 mg Net Content: 375 g

Vitamin C: 80 mg, Vitamin D: 5.0 µg, Vitamin E: 12 mg ,  Vitamin B1: 1.1 mg, Vitamin B2: 1.4 mg, Vitamin B6: 1.4 mg, Vitamin B12: 2.5 µg, Pantothenic acid: 6 mg, Niacin: 16 mg, Folic acid: 200 µg, Biotin: 50 µg, Calcium: 170 mg, Magnesium: 145 mg



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Weight 325 g


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