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Dar-Vida Seasalt Thyme Crackers 4 x 46g


Price : HK$.33.00

(Code) : HU7261
(Barcode) :7 610032 065040

Weight: 184 gm

Weight per Case (kg): 2.70 kg

Ingredient: Whole meal flour (spelt, wheat), wheat flour, colza oil, honey 8%, unrefined sugar, skimmed milk powder, yeast, sea salt, barley malt extract, raising agent: sodium carbonates.

Allergen: This product contains wheat (gluten) and milk products. May contain traces of treenuts (hazelnuts, almonds).

Packing: 10 packs / case
Capacity: 184 g (4 x 46g)


Energy : per 100 g: 421 kcal Protein : 12 g
Total Fat : 13 g Saturated Fat : 1.5 g
Trans Fat ( g ): 0 g Carbohydrates : 61 g
Sugar : 3.5 g (Fiber): 7
Sodium ( mg ) : 950 Net Content: 184 gm

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Hong Kong DAR VIDA is an natural food product, it is rich in dietary fiber, it improves in digestion. Thyme crackers are made of whole grain it contains whole meal flour(spelt, wheat), wheat flour, colza oil, skimmed milk powder, sea salt, thyme, yeast, barley malt extract.


  • It has rich in natural dietary fibre.
  • It provides long lasting energy.
  • The thyme and powdered sea salt give this thyme cracker a light salty and good taste.
  • The mixture of wholegrain for these thyme crackers gives the crispy texture.

Consuming Hong Kong DAR-VIDA Sea Salt Thyme Cracker is a good dietary fiber breakfast, it provides the long lasting energy. This reaction is because of low glycaemia index. It gives the immediate result for your hunger is satisfied for longer.


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