About Us


Our philosophy combines excellence in professional service, manufacturer’s guarantee of quality products and dedicated staff. We provide a friendly bridge between manufactures of delectable
products and consumers expecting highest quality products and services. Our expertise started in the
European confections, in Hong Kong we are also well rounded, with departments specializing in premium grocery products with over 32 wholesale accounts and an ever-expanding clientele base of 120 + with their own range of multiple outlets in Hong Kong and Macau.


Started as a one-woman operation as Simmis Ltd., handling the Scottish ‘Simmers’ brand of shortbreads in 1991. Evolved to carry other foods as Scottish Foods (FE) Ltd with the addition of Scottish smoked salmon, frozen seafood. As more quality foods were located outside of Scotland, Impex Quality Products was established in 1994, for the importation and distribution of gourmet confections and seasonal gift products from all of Europe, Australia, North America. Since then, operations have expanded to include around 30 employees in Hong Kong .


All our products are stored and delivered in a cool temperature controlled environment with a routine inspection (HACCP standards) via the use of costly, safe & natural, non-toxic insecticide; ensuring products received by our clients will be at, as best a quality as when it had left the factory.


Hong Kong supermarkets handle all year round + seasonal products include Wellcome & Market Place (250 stores), ParknShop (250 stores), Sogo (2 stores), Aeon (7 stores), City Super (4 stores), 360 (1 store), Wing On (3 stores) and department stores (Yata, Apita); catering services including hotels, clubs, food services for airlines, schools & hospitals; seasonal products: association membership clubs (13 Clubs).